May 2020

Brief descriptions of improvements made to the system

Updates for consortium users


The following fields have been added to various reports:

  • Agreement reports now have the additional fields: License name, license manager, license link URL, and all agreement dates and settings


  • Subscription reports now have the additional fields: Member and membership type, group start & end dates

  • Cost avoidance reports also now include member and membership types

  • Prices reports now have the additional fields: agreement start date, group start & end date, forecasted prices, and fees & discounts

Links Report

A new report for links has been created.

The report is also available to members but they can only see links they have added and links that are directly related to them (member links).


Notes column in order file

The order file has columns that can be specified in system settings, such as a "note" field. The notes in the vendor order file are system created notes, such as when a subscription has previously been ordered at the vendor but there is a correction, such as a change in price or order status. The note will always read, if any, "This is a correction for an earlier order for the same product and member." As a result, we've now clarified the column name to read "order correction note."

Updates for member users

Member renewal overview page organized by agreement

Sort order is now as follows:

  • Agreement name (A-Z)

  • Product group name (A-Z) (if exists)

  • Product name (A-Z)

  • Subscription start date (oldest first)

Member/membership/library type information locked

We have now restricted the access to users that allowed them to edit the public/private, member type and membership type dropdowns for member users:

Of course, consortium users can still change this on behalf of the member: