March 2020

Brief descriptions of improvements made to the system

Updates for consortium users

  • Additional fields added to request pricing file

  • "Attn" line in member billing address now included on order file

  • Default "yes" to include agreements in workflow when renewed

  • Agreement page now indicates "published" or "not published"

  • More decimal places visible when making price rules

  • Member address added to price calculations (in addition to billing address)

  • Ability to use "cost price" as source field when applying price rules


  • Invoice notes now easier to customize with HTML format

  • Ability to remove VAT codes from PDF invoices

  • Billing "attn" now visible in invoice edit

  • Additional fields added to invoice export file

  • Ability to edit payment date on invoices


  • Customer reference number included on member invoice reports

  • Total invoice amount added to subscription report


  • Option to send group e-mail to primary users only

  • E-mails templates organized by progress bar, automated, and default


  • Sections added to materials

  • Added JSTOR classifications for secondary (K-12) schools

  • Optional member view of exchange rate chart

  • Forecasted prices visible in member catalog