June 2020

Brief descriptions of improvements made to the system

Updates for consortium users

New feature

Reject a "new offer"

Per the feedback we recently received at our user group meeting, we have been working on creating functionality for consortium to interact more with their member libraries regarding new offers. In the past, libraries could only reject renewal subscriptions with pricing. After our next deployment on July 8, new offers with pricing can be rejected via the member catalog.

Clicking on the red X allows the member to reject the offer.

It can easily be added to the basket or pushed back to the catalog.

As with renewals, view-only accounts cannot reject new offers. If approval forms are required for rejections, the library will be prompted to include them when rejecting a new offer.

The consortium view will have more information on the subscriber summary box on the agreement page, namely via the "rejections" tab.

Progress Bar

Dismiss order confirmation tasks

Order confirmation tasks can now be viewed on a new page and selected to be processed and included on the confirmation form or dismissed.

New task page, with options

Forms & Files

Approval form naming conventions

Uploaded approval forms from the shopping basket now have the agreement name if only subscriptions from one agreement are ordered.

If subscriptions from multiple agreements are ordered, the approval form gets the name "Multiple agreements - Approval form."

Files now uploaded with corresponding names

When a named file is uploaded to the system, that name will be used in the system (instead of being renamed). This applies to approval forms, approval summaries, and cancellation forms.


Improvements to license term page

If a license term has no available qualifiers, that box is now grayed out.


E-mailing multiple vendor contacts

When e-mailing multiple vendor contacts, they can now see who else on their team received the same message from CM.


Invoices can be previewed per library regardless of billing address


Last year's price has been added to price reports.

License manager #2 and #3 have been added to the agreement reports, since licenses can have multiple managers and should thus be searchable in reports.

They can also be searched for in the license list view.

Updates for member users

Billing address

In our last update, we released the ability for the library or consortium to have a different billing address than a mailing address. The billing address can now also be copied from the library or consortium's main address if it's the same.

Options when updating IP addresses

Instructions for updating and sending IP updates from the member view have been expanded.