July 2020

Brief descriptions of improvements made to the system

Updates for consortium users

Agreements + Workflow

Anytime agreements now included in workflow

When making agreements that have an "anytime" start date, they will now appear in the workflow alongside other regular agreements, beginning with the "request pricing" task. This corrects the former logic, in which anytime agreements appeared in the workflow after an order had been placed.

Consortium with anytime agreements that would normally appear in the workflow will see them appear after the next deployment on Wednesday, July 15.

New standard agreement deadline

Previously, the default renewal agreement deadline was defined as 3 months before start date. It has been changed to default to last year's deadline plus 12 months. New agreements will have a reply deadline of 93 days the start date.



Filter agreements by multiple agreement managers

When filtering agreements, simply add a comma to see agreements with more than one manager.

Totals in various tasks now visible

When working throughout the system, several tasks will now include a line for the total amount. For example:

Affected tasks include:

  • forecast prices

  • price calculations

  • place orders

  • finalize prices

  • verify payments

  • member invoices

  • member credit notes


"Select/De-select all" option when applying license to agreements

Licenses can now be easily applied to a large number of agreements.


Invoice resources organized alphabetically A-Z

Invoice resources had previously been organized by the subscription ID as assigned by the system.

They are now organized A-Z.

The only exception to this new sort order is if there are price adjustments belonging to a specific subscription. They will still be listed directly underneath the subscription they belong to even if the name/description of the price adjustment doesn't fit with the sort order for the subscriptions.

For example:

  • ABC Product Subscription

  • XYZ Discount (for ABC subscription)

  • DEF Product Subscription


Agreement export created in reports

Previously the exported subscription file from the agreement page did not show the correct final price with discounts and fees applied, so the numbers being exported weren't exactly the full picture. In order to resolve this, the button will now redirect the user to the reports section, automatically select a "Subscriptions" report and filter by subscriptions for the agreement they were viewing.

The appropriate agreement number has been pre-selected.

The desired columns can be chosen and the report can be run.

Subscribers report now available

For consortium with the subscribing users module, a report can now be run to obtain information in Excel about those users. Any consortium to whom this does not apply will not see this report in their list.

Up to 3 agreement managers now visible in agreement report

When assigning multiple agreement managers, they are now visible in the corresponding report (the desired column to display this is "managed by").

Updates for member users

Immediate validation when completing forms

When entering information into the system that has required fields, the system will now prompt users to fill out missing information.

Additionally, when creating or editing a user and selecting "auto-generate a password," the option to manually enter a password below will now automatically disappear.