April 2020

Brief descriptions of improvements made to the system

Updates for consortium users

Progress Bar

Agreement publication

Renewing a subscription from price calculation will now publish the agreement:

This agreement has not been published yet
Going into PC, entering a price, and manually accepting on behalf of a member
Now the agreement has automatically been published as a result

All eligible members will now see this agreement in the catalog, even if pricing has not been entered or finalized yet.

Adding "all" option to state offer restrictions

Page Views

Users can now access the agreement directly from a subscription page.

View both active and in-active agreements on product page

This also includes one-time purchases, both with a specific or anytime start date.


Adding fields to reports

The group start and end date as well as member and publisher adjustments (discounts & fees) have been added to the "prices" report. Additionally, the group start and end date have been added to the "subscriptions" report.

Report on price adjustment rules

All price adjustment rules can now be exported to Excel from the price adjustment rules index page.

It includes all fields, like offer names, member types, membership types and defined products.

New report type for addresses

Users can now create address reports for any address information in the system.


Validation for contact email addresses

Now the system checks entered e-mail addresses to trim any blanks that could cause errors.

Member Contact Tag Clarification

This merge field used to indicate it was being sent to the first admin contact at the library, which has now been corrected.

System Settings

Allow consortiums to set their own fixed x-rates

Consortium using exchange rates can now add and remove them via the system settings.

Option to include order form on rejected subs

Users can now decide to require approval forms on both renewals and new orders as well as cancellations.

A required cancellation form example


Added user manual icon

The CM user guide can now be accessed via an icon at the top of the overview page.

Ability to quick search various fields in the system

Several new fields are now searchable in the system.

On subscriptions:

  • Reference

  • Member reference number

  • Order reference number

  • Vendor reference number

Shopping basket items are also searchable.

Updates for member users

Member default billing address in shopping cart

Members will now be able to see which billing address is the default option from the shopping basket.

Similarly, if there is only one address for the member institution, it will automatically be selected.

Show who deactivated a user account