Running Reports

Moving beyond the reports overview

To run more detailed and customized reports, click "create new" from the reports overview page.

There are several different report types that can be created, saved, and generated, depending on what kind of information should be pulled.

Additionally, the columns on the left-hand side can be expanded to select the parameters of the report.

Once a report type has been selected, all possible column options appear below. They can be selected individually or all checked. They must then be migrated to the right hand column in order to show up on the final report.

Once the data has been selected, click "refresh" to see a preview of the report.

If the information is satisfactory, the report can then be generated (meaning it will be e-mailed to you when it is ready) and saved for later use.

Example: Running a subscription report for 2020

Don't see a data column you're looking for? Consider what other kind of report might help obtain the information you're seeking. A few practice rounds might be needed to get exactly what you want.