Vendor Order

Place orders and publisher invoices

Place orders: Once any member library has confirmed an order (or a rejected subscription), it can be sent off to the vendor. You can decide to wait until several libraries have made renewal decisions before sending this off to the vendor to prevent multiple e-mails.

The color-coded bar will tel you how may new orders, renewals, and cancellations there are for that agreement, with the gray color indicating how many subscriptions are still "waiting" to be determined. Once an agreement is ready to be sent off, it will take you to an order page. From here, users can select which finalized subscriptions are ready to be sent to the vendor.

Note that the order file can be previewed and the columns can be determined in the system settings. If for some reason the e-mail shouldn't be sent to the vendor, that option can also be deselected.

Publisher invoices: Once the order has been sent, the publisher invoice task will light up. This gives consortium the opportunity to enter invoice details that should be affiliated with orders that have been placed.

The file can be uploaded, and if the price on the vendor invoice doesn't match on the subscription, users will not be able to approve the invoice. This helps reconcile pricing on the invoice with what was ordered.