Publish agreement and send reminders

Publish agreements: This task releases pricing to members. Now three icons are visible: the schedule/snooze button, the e-mail icon, and the cog. This is because this task can be processed with or without contacting your library members. If you wish to process the task and alert members that new pricing has become available (via the e-mail that is visible from the e-mail text), simply click both boxes. If you wish to process the task without e-mailing members (who will still see the pricing if they log in), simply click the box under the cog icon.

The e-mail section looks similar to the "request pricing" task:

Again, e-mail templates can be modified in the settings.

Send reminders: Like "start renewals," this task can be completed manually or automatically. Consortium can determine how many days before the deadline on the agreement (which can be found in price calculations) a reminder should be sent to library members who have yet to respond to confirm or reject their renewals.

This task can only be processed by sending out the e-mail, thus the lack of a cog icon.

E-mail sent out to member libraries: