Start renewals, request pricing, and price calculations

Start renewals: The beginning of the workflow starts with reviewing agreements that are due to expire however many days have been determined in the system settings. This task can be done manually or changed to be done automatically, meaning agreements ready to be worked on for the upcoming subscription cycle will show up in the "request pricing" task and the "start renewals" task will disappear from the visible workflow.

This task can be scheduled for a future date or snoozed (meaning it will hide itself from the workflow) until the date of your choosing by clicking on the calendar. The cog icon next to it will process the task. These icons will also be used on several future tasks.

Request pricing: This task generates a spreadsheet that is sent off to the vendor to request pricing. If the vendor fills it out as it was sent, it can be directly uploaded to price calculations in the next step.

The calendar option appears here, but instead of the cog there's a mail icon, since this task will be sending an e-mail outside of the system to the publisher. Clicking on "e-mail text" will display the predetermined template and allow the user to select what kind of spreadsheet is included:

Price calculations: Once you've heard back from the publisher regarding pricing for the renewals you need (even if you only have some), they can be entered into price calculations.

Since price calculations is the most complex part of the system, more instructions can be found here.