Price Adjustment Rules

Adding discounts and fees

When to Use Price Adjustment Rules

Price adjustment rules can be added to the entire agreement or specific products. Price adjustments are identified as two options: a discount or a fee. That discount or fee can come from either the publisher or the consortium.

  • Example of a publisher discount: free access or discount that only applies to that year's price (not future years), discount for bundling products

  • Example of publisher fee: One-time set up fee, ongoing maintenance fee

  • Example of member discount: Discount from consortium based on membership type

  • Example of member fee: Consortia administrative fees

Getting there from the price calculations page on any agreement:

When clicking "create new" rule, the following page will appear.

From here a few things can be determined:

  • Adjustment type: Publisher or member. It is the fee/discount coming from the publisher or is it being applied by the consortium directly to the member? Ultimately both options will impact the member price, this just indicates where the fee/discount orginiates from.

  • Description: Be sure to give this fee/discount a clear name to easily select and apply it on the agreement later.

  • Type: Fixed or percentage, just like the price rules.

From this point, more options can be chosen, such as what subscription type should be selected (all, renewals, or new). Users can also parse out specific members, member types, and membership types this should apply to (i.e. ABC County Library, public, non-member).

Lastly, users have the option of selecting which agreement this rule should apply to, whether or not it should be copied over when the agreement is renewed (eliminating the need to recreate the rule the following year), and to determine how many times the rules should be applied. A min and max products rounds out the list. From here, the rule can be saved and applied as desired.

Applying a Price Adjustment Rule

Example 1: Discount from a Publisher

This example will apply a $500 discount from the publisher for one month of free access for any renewals. This discount should only apply to the product JSTOR Historical Abstracts and will not occur next year.

Note the negative amount to reflect a discount.
It's not necessary to select a min/max products with a single product.

Once the price adjustment rule has been created, it is immediately applied to any appropriate subscriptions that have pricing. Without any pricing, the price adjustment rule will apply once it has been entered.

Details of the price adjustment rules that have been created
Scrolling down to ensure the price adjustment rule was correctly applied

Example 2: Consortial Admin Fee to Member

This example will apply a 3% admin fee from the consortium to the member on any subscriptions, but just once per order (only one total admin fee for the items they eventually place in the shopping basket). This fee applies to all members, every year but tops out at $1,000 per order.

Note the minimum and maximum options. Leave these at $0 if not applicable.

Both pricing rules that have been created in these examples are now visible.

Checking to see if this was properly applied to those subscriptions with pricing. Note that one subscription hit the max fee amount of $1,000, while the others below that threshold had 3% applied, as set by the price adjustment rule.