Offer Restriction Rules

Restricting offers from specific members

When to Use Offer Restriction Rules

Offer restrictions should be used when the consortium would like to limit the view of either a specific member or a group of members. This will prevent the predetermined members from viewing agreements in the catalog.

Getting there from the price calculations page on any agreement:

Click "create new" to get started with a new offer restriction.

From here, give the restriction an easily identifiable name so it can be easily applied later.

Choose the appropriate restriction type. Multiple options can be selected for all options.

  • Institution type: Similar to the member type seen elsewhere in price rules. Examples would be public, academic, K-12, and/or special libraries.

  • Membership type: This could include member and non-member, affiliate and core, or any existing membership structure that exists on the member level in the system (meaning, it must exist in the system settings before it will appear here).

  • State/province/region: Multiple locations can be selected, but again, they must exist on the member library in order to be found here. The location information being pulled comes from the member address, not the default billing address.

  • Country: Similar to the instructions for above.

  • Specific member: This allows users to specifically mark certain members as restricted from viewing the offer. An example of this might be current direct subscribers who shouldn't be able to participate in a new consortial offer.

Once offer restrictions have been created, they will appear under "existing." Note this does not mean they have been applied to the agreement or any products within the agreement.

Applying an Offer Restriction Rule

From here, simply select the restriction you wish to apply. If multiple restrictions need to be applied to an agreement or product, they'll need to be applied one at a time. The summary will provide a reminder of the parameters of the restriction, which can then be applied to one specific product or the entire agreement. Click apply restriction when ready.

In this example, an offer restriction was created for all academic members. The restriction has been applied correctly because now all academic members have the status "no offer." This means they are restricted from viewing the agreement altogether.