Importing a Price File

The easiest method of entering bulk pricing

When contacting the vendor for pricing in the "request pricing" task, an attachment with renewal information is sent with the intent that the vendor will fill it out and send it back. If that updated price file is now in hand, or if you just prefer entering pricing in an Excel file, it can be uploaded to the system.

A copy of the price request list can be found in the price rules section. This attachment is a replica of what is sent to the vendor, whereas the "all custom prices" option includes more information about the member libraries. Either one can be uploaded with pricing into the system, and if any pricing has already been entered, it will display in the download.

Both of these example show some pricing that has been entered for this agreement, which can be overwritten and reuploaded.

Let's say the vendor shared list pricing that needs to be uploaded. In this scenario, I've also added a cost price, which can be found in the "all custom prices" option so that I can change two price columns simultaneously. I'm now ready to start the upload.

I've selected the file I wish to upload and also chosen row 3 as the import start, since there are two lines of headers. From there, a preview displays before the upload is complete, which allows the user to select which columns this data should be mapped to. For example, "no import" was displaying on the columns for list price and cost price, both of which are important to import. Using the drop down selection, this data can be routed correctly.

Now that everything aligns, the data can be imported.

The upload has been completed correctly.