Division Keys & Product Options

These can also be found under price rules

A few less standard options for entering pricing exist under price rules.

Division Keys

One option is to divide pricing based on a percentage between different members. This can be done by clicking "division keys" from "create new" price rule.

From here, a total price can be entered and split between members. This can be set for a specific agreement (i.e. the one being worked on here, most common option) or it can be applied to all agreements.

Product Options

This pricing table allows for consortium to enter more complicated pricing into a concise grid. It can be named and applied to various products within the agreement.

This grid could assist with pricing set by JSTOR and Carnegie levels more easily than other price rules. Keep in mind that means trusting member libraries to correctly determine their own classifications or tiers. FTE options can also be created here if the pricing grid is more complex than the "per subscriber" price rule can handle, especially if list pricing should be included.