Applying Price Rules

Once price rules have been created, they can be applied to members

Example 1

Let's say I need to create a 3% increase based on last year's cost for my academic libraries and a 5% increase based on last year's cost for my public libraries.

New price rule for academic libraries
New price rule for public libraries

From here I can select the price rules I want to apply from the drop down list. Only one price rule at a time can be applied (although multiple price rules can be applied to the agreement).

From here there are a few options to determine what happens. First, the product can be selected from the list of any products the agreement contains. If it applies to all of them, leave it as "all." The source then asks what the 5% increase should be based on. Here I've selected the sales price last year, but you can select from any pricing column in this agreement or last year's agreement (list price, cost price, sales price, offered price, and forecasted price). I've then selected that I want this price rule to apply to renewals (as opposed to new or all subscriptions), regardless of their status (as opposed to "waiting" or "not sent,"etc). From there I would click "apply" to enforce the price rule.

From there, a double check will pop up and "ok" will have to be selected to apply the prices.

After that price rule has been selected, users can check and make sure it applied correctly by scrolling down and looking at the pricing. Note that these prices haven't been finalized. Since the status "all" was selected, this pricing is even applying to those libraries with "no offer" status.

If it's been determined this pricing is correct, the same process would happen to apply a different price rule for public libraries.

Example 2

In this scenario, all pricing will be the same for every member.

Here, a specific product has been selected. There's no need for a source since the price is a set amount not based on other pricing in the system. Again, this is being applied to the sales price column.

Once the price rule has been applied, the pricing in the table has changed.