The option to create and manage custom metadata can be found under the settings tab.

This is an example of a consortium that has not created any metadata yet. Metadata is associated with specific sections of the system, where that information will resided once it has been created. Metadata can pertain to:

  • Agreements

  • Members

  • Users

  • Publishers

  • Products

  • Subscriptions

When clicking "create new," a bevy of options will be presented to help make your metadata meaningful throughout the system.

  • Assign to entity: This is where a user selects from the short list mentioned above what the metadata field should apply to, such as an agreement, shown in this case.

  • Required when creating entity: Should this metadata field be required information when a new agreement is created from now on? The same logic applies regardless of the selected entity.

  • Title and system name: The title will appear above or next to the metadata when it is displayed in the system. The internal name is used by the system to identify the metadata. It must be unique , cannot contain any spaces, can only contain lowercase letters, underscores and hyphens.

  • Description: An extra help text for the metadata which appears when the user hovers over the input box.

  • Input control:

    • Text: The value for the metadata can be any word, phrase, reference or number.

    • Checkbox: The value for the metadata can be true (checked) or false (unchecked).

    • Select: The value for the metadata must be a single value selected from a pre-defined list.

    • Multiselect: The value for the metadata must be one or more values selected from a pre-defined list.

  • Default value: Should a specific value be assigned to all other entities in the system? Using our agreement example, if selected yes, the system will then update all other agreements with that metadata information.

  • Category and sub-category: You can choose to group your metadata into categories and sub categories for display purposes.

  • Member contacts allowed to edit: By default, only consortium users can edit the metadata when editing the entity. If you want to allow member users to edit it as well, please tick the box.

  • Display to member: This allows member users to view this (but not edit unless specifically selected).

  • Show on overview pages: This metadata field will be added to the agreement overview page (for example) or whichever entity is selected.